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One Zo Logo




ONE ZO Tea UK is a global bubble tea brand originating from Taiwan with the desire to create fresh and innovative drinks for our customers. ONE ZO comes from our interpretation of ONE where we are the one and only and ZO where we love to celebrate our uniqueness.

We strive for the best quality products for our customers, so we uphold the production of tapioca balls (boba) onsite. Every day we make our delicious boba handcrafted by our devoted team. We want to showcase our passion for tea and represent the vitality and diversity of Taiwan's handmade drinks. Therefore, our goal was to introduce authentic bubble tea culture to the rest of the world.

Since 2015, ONE ZO has expanded across the global market and currently has over 100 stores worldwide with more to come. We have branches in the USA, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau etc, and there will be more to come! 

Bubble Tea in Outdoor


Our goals are to serve the freshest and most authentic bubble tea in the world, to use our creativity to develop innovative and exciting boba flavours and to promote the ONE ZO spirit - the pursuit of excellence. The rough edges and irregular shape of our logo emphasise that our products are not uniformly made in a factory but crafted by hand. The colours are meaningful and represent our core philosophies.

Orange Boba

Combining red energy with yellow joy, ORANGE symbolises strength and endurance. At the beginning of our journey, we embraced our customers with enthusiasm, charm and innovation. Since then, we have been market leaders, creating long-lasting relationships and exploring the possibilities of our creativity.

Purple Boba

Combining stable blue and red energy, PURPLE symbolises nobleness and ambition. In a highly competitive market, ONE ZO has kept our original disciplines, intentions, independence and dignity. We're prepared to embrace the challenges of the industry and overcome any obstacles that stand in our way.

Black Boba

ONE ZO constantly receives new knowledge whilst maintaining our flexibility, resilience and calm insight into the fluctuating market. We continue to flourish and grow around the world and are excited about our future.

London Tower Bridge
London Bridge


We opened our first UK shop in Notting Hill, London in October 2021. We are the first bubble tea brand to handcraft our tapioca boba in-store. Our goals are to serve the freshest boba drinks, to use our creativity to develop new boba flavours and to promote the ONE ZO spirit - the pursuit of excellence. We are excited to expand into the United Kingdom and we hope to serve you soon.

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